CELEBio: The Central Europe leaders in bioeconomy

Title of the project: The Central Europe leaders in bioeconomy

Acronym: CELEBio

Funding source: Horizon 2020

Implementation period: 06/2019 - 12/2021


The Central Europe Leaders in Bioeconomy (CELEBio) project aims at strengthening the enabling environment for bio-based businesses in eight countries of Central, Eastern and South-Eastern Europe that, according to the EU Innovation Scoreboard, are “moderate or modest innovators” and that register scarcer interest for the activities and opportunities offered by BIC and BBI-JU.

The main objective of CELEBio is to contribute to encourage the uptake of bioeconomy in Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Croatia, Hungary, Slovak Republic and Slovenia through the elaboration of evidence-based Action Plans for each of the targeted countries, as well as through the dissemination of information on the opportunities offered by BBI. To this end, the CELEBio project team supported the setting-up of a network of BBI info points (BBI Ambassadors). In order to set the grounds for further action in support of the uptake of bio-based technologies and facilitate matchmaking between stakeholders in research and industry, the CELEBio project team mapped bioeconomy stakeholders.

CELEBio provides information on the potentials and benefits of biobased activities available in Central Europe for the local economies, the environment and the society by:

  • mapping bio-based industries and value chains,
  • determining sustainable biomass potentials,
  • developing National Action Plans and dossiers,
  • providing Inventories of bioeconomy stakeholders, and
  • organizing bioeconomy events and workshops.

Link to the website: https://celebio.eu/