Circular economy as an opportunity for the Czech Republic

Title: Circular economy as an opportunity for the Czech Republic - Long-term concept for the transition to the circular economy

Funding source: Technological agency of the Czech Republic

Implementation period: 01/2019 - 06/2021


Circular economy as a comprehensive approach towards increasing energy and material efficiency has been the focus of national states and EU’s attention in recent years. The economic potential and developmental barriers for CE in the European Union have already been covered by several studies. However, analysis like this, which are crucial for opportunities mapping and appropriate support policies and programs setting, are hardly applicable for the Czech Republic because they do not deal with local specifics. The objectives of the project is to solve this deficit and to prepare a basic set of foundation studies for the development of the potential of the circular economy in the Czech Republic based on a multidisciplinary approach and reference to the specific local parameters.

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