Utilization of biodegradable waste for energy purposes - EFG Rapotín BPS s.r.o.

Title: EFG Rapotín BPS s.r.o.

Country: Czech Republic

Bio-based sector: Energy

Involved actors: EFG Rapotín BPS s.r.o. is part of the wider Energy financial group a.s.  EFG Waste logistic, EFG Green gas, EFG Engineering, EFG Vyškov BPS, MOSTEK energo, EFG Green energy, EFG Energy trading, Tridimgastro.cz


The company's vision is to achieve the principle of circular economy. The basis of the business is a biogas plant. Company aims at improving technologies, especially quality of anaerobic digestion process. They are using biodegradable waste, including packaging materials, having  permit to process 30,000 tonnes of bio-waste per year, which corresponds to the production of approximately 5,000,000 Nm³ of biogas and 23,000 tonnes of organic-mineral fertiliser.

Unlike composting and landfilling, the disposal of bio-waste does not contribute to climate change and does not emit methane, CO₂ and ammonia fumes into the air.

Link to the website: https://www.efg-rapotin.cz