Bulgarian National Action Plan for Energy Development from Forest Wood Biomass

Title: National Action Plan for Energy Development from Forest Wood Biomass, Bulgaria, 2018 - 2027

Funding source: National action plan for energy from forest wood biomass 2018-2027 was prepared under INTERREG Europe program, project "Regional policies for sustainable bioenergy" with acronym BIO4ECO", and the document was developed by the consortium "Focus Systems - Dan Thea" commissioned by the Executive Forest Agency (EFA). 

Implementation period: 2018 - 2027

Country: Bulgaria


The document provides a realistic direction for the future development in terms of energy production from forest biomass, determined on the current European policies and regulations, as well as on the basis of the needs, potential and opportunities for the use of forest-wood biomass in Bulgaria. The national plan contains two main parts: analytical and strategic. Based on analysis of the potential of forest wood biomass in Bulgaria for the production of heat and electricity, the following scenarios have been developed:

  • Formal, based on the actual extraction/production of wood, branches and brushwood.
  • Realistic, based on the balance and consumption of roundwood suitable for energy production.
  • Optimistic, based on roundwood production/harvesting and harvestable waste wood.

The plan contains a strategic framework with priorities, measures and activities and a performance monitoring system. The specific actions and measures in the plan outline the most effective and economic ways to support the use of forest biomass for energy production. These actions and measures meet all criteria for the sustainable use of forest biomass in accordance with European and Bulgarian regulations regarding renewable energy sources.

The priorities in the plan define the need to look for opportunities to introduce new methods and ways of consuming energy from forest biomass based on an improved political and regulatory framework and introducing the necessary incentives and modern green technologies.

The action plan for energy development from forest wood biomass was prepared under the project "Regional policies for sustainable bioenergy", INTERREG Europe program of the European Union with partners from eight European countries, including Bulgaria, represented by the Executive Forest Agency. The leading partner is the Forest Technology Center of Catalonia, Spain.

Link: http://www.iag.bg/data/docs/nationalen_plan.pdf (in Bulgarian language)