Master of Science in Bioeconomy

Title: Master of Sciency in Bioeconomy 

Which institution developed it: University of Hohenheim, European Bioeconomy University


“The Master's programme in Bioeconomy offers a comprehensive education for professionals who aim to work in those sectors of the economy that use biological resources and biotechnological processes to produce bio-based goods and services. Students examine the entire value chain of bio-based products: the production of raw material for bio-based products in agricultural ecosystems in diverse climatic regions the properties and supply logistics of biological resources the biotechnological and industrial processes used to convert these resources into (new) bio-based products the marketing and consumption of such products. Students deal with the environmental, social and economic dimensions of the bioeconomy from a micro- and a macro-level perspective, taking innovation, institutions and policies into account. As an interdisciplinary programme jointly offered by Hohenheim's three faculties (Agricultural Sciences, Natural Sciences, and Business, Economics and Social Sciences), this degree programme enables students to conduct a systematic analysis of entire bio-based value chains. Consequently, students acquire the skills and expertise necessary to deal with a range of issues in this complex field. One of the strengths of this programme is that graduates are able to understand bio-based value chains from each of the following perspectives: companies that focus on new bio-based resources, processes and products established producers seeking to introduce renewable resources, biotechnological processes and their corresponding products onto the market actors attempting to gauge the need and acceptance of such products organisations that support the development of bio-based value chains, e.g., through research and advisory services.  

Target groups: Citizens, students


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