Bioeconomy Austria: Setting up cluster in bioeconomy in Austria

Title: Bioeconomy Austria - setting up cluster in bioeconomy in Austria

Funding source: Austrian Forest Fund

Implementation period: 01/2022 – 12/2024

Stakeholders involved: ecoplus, The Business Agency of Lower Austria, Business Upper Austria, Innovation Salzbur, Holzcluster Seiermark, proHolz 

Tirol, Austiran Energy Agency, Centre for Bioeconomy at BOKU, BioBASE, Environment Agency Austria, Ecosocial Forum Austria & Europe


By 2024, a national bioeconomy cluster will emerge from the growing network. First focus is on wood as a raw material. Subsequently, the focus will be expanded to all renewable raw material sources within the bioeconomy – from arable land to water to biobased residues. The main goals of the project are: 

  • Promote cooperation and networking between different actors and companies along the entire value chain of the bioeconomy,    
  • Exploit synergies and thus cost advantages, as well as strengthen the regional economy and its cooperation,
  • Connect the regional and thematic clusters with each other and link them with the activities of the federal government and the EU,
  • Promote cooperation between enterprises along common value chains and identify joint projects, especially with regard to forestry, the processing and use of renewable raw materials with a focus on wood, agricultural primary production and the circular economy.
  • Improve the material use of biomass, taking into account climate protection and competing land use interests.


A growing network of regional clusters and platforms, companies, research, politics and society (more than 180 organsaitons already involved) – finally a national bioeconomy cluster