Model Region Bioeconomy & Circular Economy Styrian Volcanic Land

Title: Model Region Bioeconomy & Circular Economy Styrian Volcanic Land

Funding source: Climate+ Energy fund funded by Federal Ministry of Climate Action (BMK) 

Implementation period: 2022 - ongoing

Bio-based sector: Agriculture, Energy

Stakeholders involved: 27 municipalties


The goal of the priority region is to gradually shift the economy to a regional and sustainable resource base and to secure the resources of the future for a climate-friendly and sustainable regional economy and a long-term high quality of life. The following goals exist in the focus and cross-cutting areas:

  • Soil: Establishing agricultural land as a store for carbon, nutrients and rainwater and maintaining and building up humus content.
  • Valuable resources: High-quality refinement of regional resources for a strong regional economy
  • Intelligently networked energy: Creating maximum quality of life with the lowest consumption of energy, resources and land
  • Food: opening up new opportunities through healthy and high-quality self-supply
  • Sustainable Lifestyle Initiative: Enthusiasm for sustainable lifestyles, empowerment and sufficiency movement