Hands-on Exhibition “ALL WOOD”

Title of the project that developed it: Within the framework of Bioeconomy Action Plan Austria

Funding source: Federal Ministry of Climate Action (BMK), Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research (BMW)

Implementation period: June 2022


In the hands-on exhibition children learn lots of fascinating facts about wood: How does a tree actually become wood, and how does it get out of the forest? What does wood look like under a microscope? Which jobs have to do with wood? What can be made out of wood? And why is wood not only good for the indoor climate, but also for the climate all around the world? As well, children also work with wood in a workshop, try out various tools, and create something out of wood yourself.

Target groups: Pupils from age 6 – 12, teachers, parents

Accessibility: Trainingmaterial for teachers, infomaterial for children, free access

Link: https://www.kindermuseum.at/zoom-programmangebot/zoom-ausstellung/ruckblick-zoom-ausstellungen/alles_holz_-_verlaengert