Hy2Market: Hydrogen to enter markets reducing carbon emissions footprint

Title of the project: Hydrogen to enter markets reducing carbon emissions footprint

Acronym: Hy2Market

Funding source: Interregional Innovation Investments Instrument (I3)

Implementation period: 02/2023 – 01/2026


The project brings together regions throughout Europe that work on different innovations to boost the production, transport, and use of green hydrogen. The main objective of Hy2Market is to realize a more mature hydrogen value chain across Europe. With an interregional approach, knowledge about building a robust and innovative Hydrogen value chain is realized through targeted investments on green hydrogen production - with special focus on management systems, the transport of hydrogen in existing and new infrastructure and the offtake of green hydrogen by industrial partners and in mobility. A variety of companies, including SMEs from all the regions participate in collaboration with regional entities that are focused on enhancing the Hydrogen eco-system in their region, and throughout Europe.