Open-source online inventory of good practices for the establishment and implementation of bioeconomies and green transition

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CEE2ACT on-line inventory provides examples of good practices, existing on-line facilities, and bioeconomy-related projects in five areas (bioeconomy strategies & action plans, inter-institutional cooperation, efficient bio-based industry, monitoring & evaluation indicators, capacity building), enabling access to information and exchange of know-how. The inventory is intended for wide spectrum of stakeholders, including bio-based value chains actors, R&D, academia, investors, policy and decision makers, public administrators, and National Bioeconomy Hubs members to showcase the solutions, opportunities and to support the process of capacity building, aiming at sustainable governance and the promotion of a green transition

Bioeconomy strategies & action plans

This area provides examples of projects and good practices from development and implementation of bioeconomy strategies and/or action plans in European countries.

Inter-institutional cooperation

This area provides examples of projects and good practices in inter-institutional cooperation, inter- ministerial governance and coordination and stakeholders’ engagement to boost bioeconomy in European countries.

Efficient bio-based industry

This area provides examples of projects and good practices in design and implementation of bio- based solutions, products and services by industrial actors to drive the change to sustainable alternatives.

Monitoring & evaluation indicators

This area provides examples of good practices of bioeconomy monitoring and evaluation indicators, which were developed by other projects or successfully used in practice.


This area provides examples of tools/toolkits and educational/training materials, which were developed by other projects or successfully used in practice with the aim to improve the capacity building of bioeconomy stakeholders.


CiNURGi: Call for Best practices and most innovative solutions for recycling of nutrients

#Bio-based industry
Development of the bioeconomy in Bulgaria - opportunities and regional specifics

#Bioeconomy strategy
CAPBIO4BG: Developing the research and innovation capacity at the Agricultural University of Plovdiv to boost the regional innovation potential in bioeconomy

Strategy for development of the bioeconomy in Stara Zagora region

#Bioeconomy strategy
Strategy and Action Plan for the transition to a circular economy in Bulgaria

#Bioeconomy strategy
Strategy to strengthen the role of the agricultural sector in the bioeconomy

#Bioeconomy strategy
Bulgarian National Action Plan for Energy Development from Forest Wood Biomass

#Bioeconomy strategy
Utilization of biodegradable waste for energy purposes - EFG Rapotín BPS s.r.o.

#Bio-based industry
Pioneering circular economy in the Czech Republic - NAFIGATE Corporation

#Bio-based industry
Bioeconomy development in Lithuania: Strategies, policies and cases for sustainable change

#Bioeconomy strategy
Technologies and Business Models for Circular Economy Conference

Circular economy as an opportunity for the Czech Republic

#Bioeconomy strategy
CELEBio: The Central Europe leaders in bioeconomy

#Bioeconomy strategy
BIOECO-UP: Circular bioeconomy market uptake and policy support in Central Europe

#Stakeholders engagement
SPIRE: Smart post-industrial regenerative ecosystem for sustainable use of land and nature based solutions

#Bioeconomy strategy
Sustainable community toolkit - Consolidation of smart bioeconomy development capacity in Covasna county

#Capacity building
Local partnership for a sustainable and energy independent communities

Extensive valorization of lignin and salicylic acid to bulk and fine chemicals

#Bioeconomy strategy
BioVillMAP: Mapping the approaches and achievements of communities in the transition to sustainable energy

#Capacity building
Synthesis of some C4, C5 carboxilic acid building block chemicals from renewable biomass resources

#Stakeholders engagement


The aim of the project is to empower countries in Central and Eastern Europe (Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia and Slovenia) to develop circular bioeconomy strategies and action plans through innovative governance models and knowledge transfer from experienced countries (Austria, Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Finland, Sweden) to achieve better informed decision-making processes, societal engagement and innovations, thus enabling sustainability and resilience.

09/2022 – 08/2025




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